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Conference: "Métiers d'art & savoir-faire d'exception"

C’était un plaisir d’accueillir Dominique J. LESUEUR sur la thématique des métiers d’art et des savoir-faire d’exception !👏🏻 

It was a pleasure to welcome Dominique J. LESUEUR to discuss the theme of craftsmanship and savoir-faire! 👏🏻

We had the opportunity to learn more about luxury professions, particularly craftsmanship, and gain a better understanding of the connection between excellence and performance. In a competitive sector constantly seeking renewal, we delved into the major challenges of the future from both a strategic and managerial perspective. ✨

This moment of sharing and exchange allowed us to deepen our knowledge in this rich, high-performing, and fascinating sector. An inspiring conference that highlighted your expertise in business development and shed light on the challenges of the luxury industry.

A big thank you once again, Mr. Lesueur!



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