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  • What is the duration of the Master's degree?
    Since 2017, the GEAI Master's Degree takes place in 2 years. Students who join the GEAI course in Master 1 and will be able to continue in Master 2, without further selection, as long as they validate their Master 1. A gap year is recommended, but not compulsory, between the first and the second year. Students who completed a 4-year curriculum after high school graduation (240 ECTS) will also be allowed to join in second year directly.- Number of ECTS upon graduation: 120 - Level of diploma validated upon graduation: Master’s degree + French “grade de master”- Master 1: classes from early September to May- Master 2: classes from early September to end of January
  • How is the first year of the GEAI Master's program organised?
    The courses taken by the students are common with the courses of the Strategic Management Mention (with some elective courses to choose from, some courses being recommended at the beginning of the year to GEAI students). Between the Master 1 and Master 2 GEAI, it is strongly recommended that students take a year off. In addition, students enrolled in the GEAI program can carry out an Erasmus exchange in Master 1 or Master 2. You can download the presentation brochure of the Master 1 in English and English.
  • How is the second year of the GEAI Master's program organised?
    For the second year, classes take place from early September to end of January. Students then have to do an internship (usually 6 months) between February and November. The writing of a master thesis as well as an internship report are necessary conditions for graduation.For additional information, you can download the introduction brochure of the Master 2 in English and < a target="_blank">English (go to Other Information / About)The courses followed by Master 2 GEAI students are detailed in the Courses section.
  • What is the rhythm of the Master and who can apply for it?
    Rhythm: Basic training, full-time (French “initial formation”) Relevant public: Students holder of a 3 or 4-year degree from very diverse backgrounds (Management, Economics, Political Sciences, Engineering School, Law-Management, double degree in Law and Economics, etc.)
  • When do I have to submit my application?
    M1 application: usually between mid-April and mid-MayM2 application: usually between mid-April and mid-MayApplication deadlines may vary from year to year.For more information, please visit the Admission section.
  • How can I apply for the Master's degree when I am a foreigner (outside the European Union) and I have never studied in France?
    You have to go through e-candidat as a student inside the European Union. For more information, please visit the Admission section.< /p>
  • What are the registration fees for the Master's degree?
    The registration fee is the same as for any university mention, i.e. 243 euros. It should also be pointed out that the fees are the same for any nationality.
  • Where do classes take place?
    Lectures take place both at the historical Sorbonne campus (17 rue de la Sorbonne) and at the Panthéon campus (12 Place du Panthéon).
  • What is the required English level?
    It is strongly recommended to take a standardized English test before applying (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Exams, etc.)English proficiency requirements are not officially set but it is recommended to validate a strong B2 level at least (CEFR classification). Fluency in a language is usually certified with a C1 level.Candidates’ English proficiency may also be tested during the face-to-face interview selection phase.
  • What is the required French level?
    A lot of lectures are in French, so we would recommend to have a good level of French (B2, C1) in order to follow the lectures. Moreover, the face-to-face interview will be mainly in French. However, our teachers know when a student is a foreigner and will therefore be more forgiving during the final exams.
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