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Conference: QuantCube Technology

On Thursday, September 7th, the students of the Master's GEAI had the honor of visiting the premises of the French company QuantCube Technology, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last July.

Its co-founder, Mr. Thanh-Long Huynh, first presented QuantCube's unique approach and activity, which involves estimating economic activity in real-time through AI and Big Data analysis. QuantCube collects and analyzes billions of data points, including textual data, geolocated data, and satellite images, to develop macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, inflation, or international trade. These indicators are available in real-time and updated daily. In collaboration with CNES (National Center for Space Studies) and ESA (European Space Agency), QuantCube uses satellite imagery to measure NO2 concentration levels, a gas primarily emitted by heavy industry, providing valuable insights into city-level industrial activity.

These real-time economic indicators meet the needs of clients across financial markets, giving them a competitive advantage in their investment strategies.

The students then had the opportunity to exchange ideas with company members such as César Guizzetti, Matteo Devy, and Gaia Minotti, an alumna of the Master's in GEAI. This exchange allowed the Master's students to better understand the challenges and specificities of roles within QuantCube.

The students of the Master's in GEAI express warm thanks to QuantCube Technology for this fascinating conference!

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