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Conference: CGI Business Consulting

The 2023-24 academic year for the Master GEAI began on September 4th with an immersion day at CGI Business Consulting. The day aimed to explore various sectors, current concepts (CSR, AI, change, etc.) and allow students to experience the role of consultants 🗂

Jean Pascal Boutier, Senior Vice President of Business Consulting, presented the company's DNA, focusing on the Transportation and Mobility sector.

Following that, we had a discussion with Francis Feraez, Director of Innovation, addressing the crucial topic of Artificial Intelligence and its significance in today's world.

To conclude, Patrice Darmon and his team, Kamel MADI, Ph.D., and Nesrine Fourati, Ph.D., introduced their AI project, Revitalise. They explained the entire development process, the means of financing such projects, and their relevance in daily life. Jean-Marc Jamet also spoke about the metaverse and customer experience in the banking sector.

Thierry HELOU, Louise Karpf, Anne-Laure Camps, and Alexia Létévé presented CGI Business Consulting and the role of consultants, guiding us throughout the day with various workshops and practical cases.

Founded in Quebec, this globally positioned consulting firm sees itself as a success accelerator. Commitment to intrapreneurship, the expression of individual talents, teamwork, collective intelligence, and their expertise services are CGI's core values, making it a rich and dynamic organization.

These interactions with the teams also allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of CGI's responsible commitment to addressing sustainable development challenges, as explained by Lyana Mechkar.

Finally, we attended a Change conference led by Charles-Yves Mahé and Marie Osorio, using the concrete example of CGI's office relocation and the measures implemented for employees.

A big thank you to all the CGI teams for their hospitality, presentations, and guidance! 👏🏻



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